Maria Romeu- IBCLC, Lactation Consultant & Infant Nutrition

Consultora Internacional Certificada en Lactancia y especialista en Nutrición Infantil

* NOW OFFERING in-office appointments: you can come to me, in a clean & safe space. 
• Different office locations available. Contact for information.


* Home visits available! COVID screening protocols & PPE are implemented to avoid the spread of COVID-19. I can go to you, in your environment where everything flows better!

* Serving TORONTO area: 
York Region, Durham Region, Scarborough & North York.

* virtual
 support & LIVE online Prenatal and Solid Foods classes!


*** Presto servicio domiciliario y citas ONLINE por videollamada, en Lactancia y Nutrición infantil. También clases online EN VIVO

 - Maria Romeu.

The best support next to you

Making your feedings more efficiently


Teaching you the best latching techniques

Helping families with multiples

V hold, breastfeeding twins

Finding the light after her first pain free latch. Assisting before and after a frenotomy procedure.
Encontrando la luz tras su primer agarre sin dolor. Asistiendo antes y tras una frenotomía.
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Whether you need hands on care (in home visits) or virtual support,

I can help you!

Lactation Consultant and Infant Nutrition specialist

From Spain to Canada!

Helping parents achieve their personal and unique goals.

After being specifically trained in Lactation & Breastfeeding in different clinical settings (Breastfeeding clinics, Postpartum unit and NICU) 

Graduated in Lactation Medicine at the International Breastfeeding Center- Institute of Breastfeeding Education  (Newman's clinic) 

I have an extensive experience helping many families overcome their breastfeeding difficulties!

I have the experience to be your BESTfeeding consultant, supporting and helping you achieve your unique breastfeeding and also nutritional goals with the introduction to solid foods (when the time comes!) including 'Baby Led Weaning' or 'Spoon Led Feeding', thanks to my extensive Nutrition and Dietetics professional background! 

Premature twin babies can breastfeed!

Lactation help

Common breastfeeding concerns

Offering in home/ in office or LIVE online lactation consults! I can hold your hand and meet your goals, helping you with:

* Learning when your baby is drinking from the breast.

* Breastfeeding premature babies, multiples, twins...

* Nipple pain or breast pain, getting a pain free latch!

* Making your feeding sessions more efficiently 

* Block ducts, blebs, mastitis

* Slow weight gain

* Baby fussing at the breast: pulling off, biting , arching or refusing to latch.

* Is your baby gassy?

* Non latching baby

* Low milk supply or oversupply 

* Breastfeeding after breast augmentation or breast reduction

* Supplementing, finding the right method to protect your breastfeeding relationship

* Support with oral teathered tissues (Tongue ties / Lip ties)

* Pumping when returning to work

* Introducing solid foods: when, how (baby led weaning or spoon feeding? Whole foods or purées?) and what foods your baby should try first.
How can you help your kid with consolidating a good food relationship? Offering 1-o-1 sessions and monthly virtual solid foods class

Prenatal appointments available - Citas prenatales disponibles

I will be part of your lactation journey - Estaré en tu lactancia

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant- Consultora Internacional Certificada en Lactancia


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What I do

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