Maria Romeu- IBCLC, Lactation Consultant & Infant Nutrition

Consultora Internacional Certificada en Lactancia y especialista en Nutrición Infantil

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- My brief story

Hello, I'm Maria Romeu. I'm from Spain where I used to work as a Dietitian and Nutritionist for the Regional Welfare Ministry and as an associated lecturer at the University of Alicante (Spain) teaching at the Nutrition and Dietetics Degree.

I studied my Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Alicante) and moved to the UK, where thanks to an European Aitana Grant, I did research into Micronutrients at the Norwich Research Park. After this period, I moved back to Spain where I studied my Masters' Degree (MSc) in Nutrition and Metabolism and I specialized in Clinical Nutrition (University of Barcelona). 

It was a few years ago when I decided to take a break in my professional career and moved to Canada, where I also became a new mom.
It was thanks to this amazing journey where I was lucky to discover the Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) profession, so unknown in my own country.

After the struggles of my own breastfeeding journey and what I learned from my own experience, I decided to help other families and change paths..EXPANDING and detouring my professional career in the Nutrition field.

I have been specifically trained in Lactation & Breast feeding, working with many families in different clinical settings. I am Graduated in Lactation Medicine at the International Breastfeeding Center where I also completed part of my Residency program.

I love experiencing the huge positive impact that supporting lactation can have in families lives. Being part of their journey is the best reward!

When it comes to parenting, there's no wrong answer!
That's why I will hold your hand and guide you to meet your goals if you choose different ways to feed your baby.

I will also guide you to start your baby on REAL solid foods thanks to my knowledge in Nutrition and Dietetics, and keep breastfeeding while exploring different textures!

If you need me, I can give you the BESTfeeding support!

- Maria Romeu.

Graduated in Lactation Medicine, Newman’s Breastfeeding clinic- Center for Breastfeeding Education

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Pain relieved! Thanks Kelsey for your kind words. Get going, you're doing it great!

My pleasure holding you hand along your 3rd breastfeeding journey and give you based informed choice to support your goals!

Great Google reviews- Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗞 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗗 while volunteering and doing my training in different clinical settings

F. S. N.

'Being a new mom is never easy, so I’m glad that I found Maria to provide me some guidance. She has been a great help with all the issues that I’ve been having while breastfeeding, and also now with introducing my baby to solid foods. With her background in Nutrition she made me feel reassured about how I should feed my baby. Thanks!'

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"We met with a Lactation Consultant student, Maria, who first showed me how to latch properly. With the first try I had my baby feeding with zero pain, which left me in tears of joy. Her patience, guidance, and love has literally changed my life and transformed my entire breastfeeding experience"