Maria Romeu- IBCLC, Lactation Consultant & Infant Nutrition

Consultora Internacional Certificada en Lactancia y especialista en Nutrición Infantil

Your goals, my commitment

I always work around your goals, protecting and supporting them

Home, in-office or virtual visits

Making a personalized plan


Personalized support or online classes

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These are my services

Lactation  Counselling

• In person (Home visit) or virtually

• Personalised Plan

• Phone follow up

Prenatal counselling

• In person (Home visit) or virtually

• Personalised Plan

• 10% off on first counselling appointment when your baby arrives

Nutrition Counselling

• Home (1-o-1 solid foods consults), online Consultations & Online classes

• Nutritional tips and tricks for the whole family including Baby Led Weaning or Spoon Led Feeding

• Nutrition Plan